We do two different styles; a traditional 2.5% ABV and a higher 5% ABV coming soon!

Original Green

Tart, crisp and refreshing. Great on its own, makes a truly special cocktail or spritzer. Our only kombucha available in 12 oz bottles as well as draft. 2.5% ABV

Cranberry Ginger

Fresh organic ginger and pure cranberry juice give a tart twist to this crowd-pleaser. 2.5% ABV

Cran-Citra Hop

The singular flavor of Citra Hops mingle with a dash of cranberry in this instant classic. 2.5% ABV

Black Cherry Hop

Dry-hopped Assam black tea kombucha with a touch of cherry juice, this is reminiscent of a sour beer. 2.5% ABV

Holy Basil Spice

Dark and spicy, ginger and a hint of clove with the dreamy flavor of Krishna Holy Basil. 2.5% ABV


Nelson Sauvin Hop

Green tea kombucha delicately dry-hopped with aromatic Nelson Sauvin Hops from New Zealand. 2.5% ABV

Blueberry Lavender

Elegant, floral and not too sweet. 2.5% ABV

Blueberry Oolong

The lightness of green tea plus the complexity of Ti Kwan Yin Oolong tea, rounded out with blueberry makes a solid pick-me-up. 2.5% ABV   


Robust black tea kombucha with the earthy, green, satisfyingly savory flavor of nettle tea. Our favorite spring tonic, it can even make a cocktail taste healthy. 2.5% ABV

Spicy Tumeric

Fresh organic turmeric is like liquid gold, and chili seeds bring the spice. 2.5% ABV