Original Green

Green tea kombucha. 2.5% ABV. This is our only kombucha available in a case of 12 oz bottles. 24/case

Cranberry Ginger

Green tea kombucha, fresh ginger, cranberry, 2.5% ABV

Cranberry Citra Hop

 Green tea kombucha, cranberry, Citra hops, 2.5% ABV

Black Cherry Hop

Black tea kombucha, cherry, American hops, 2.5% ABV

Clover Queen Ale

Black tea kombucha, triple-fermented with red clover and German hops, 4.5% ABV

Holy Basil Spice

Black tea kombucha, Krishna holy basil, ginger, clove, 2.5% ABV


Blueberry Lavender

Green tea kombucha, lavender, blueberry, 2.5% ABV

Blueberry Oolong

 Green tea kombucha, oolong tea, blueberry, 2.5% ABV   


 Black tea kombucha, nettle, 2.5% ABV

Spicy Turmeric

Green tea kombucha, fresh turmeric, chili seeds 2.5% ABV