Making your own kombucha is a fun and delicious experience. This page offers a loose guide on how to make your own but we also recommend doing your own research on the topic and having fun with different flavors.

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  • 12 c. water
  •  2 T. loose or 6-8 bags green, black, or white tea (no flavored teas)
  •  ⅔-1 c. sugar
  • Kombucha SCOBY with starter liquid
  • Gallon glass jar + cloth + rubber band

Step 1

Boil water, add tea and let steep 10 minutes. Strain, add sugar and dissolve. Let tea cool to room temperature.

Step 2

Put into jar with SCOBY and starter liquid. Cover with cloth and let sit at 66-75F for 1-2 weeks.


Step 3

Pour off liquid, leaving SCOBY and 1-2 cups liquid.

Step 4

Flavor with fruit, juice, herbs, spices and/or hops as desired. Repeat and enjoy.