About Red Star Kombucha

Red Star Kombucha was started in 2012 by Naomi Auth and Joseph Reichenbacher. We believe that the best-tasting, most healthful kombucha is made by letting the kombucha be itself. We never use lab-created probiotics or attempt to suppress the low alcohol content that is a natural by-product of fermentation. All of our kombucha is made in small batches in Pittsburgh PA using our kombucha SCOBYs with organic tea and organic cane sugar.

Growler Shop

433 Graeme St.,
Pittsburgh, PA 15222



Monday 11 am - 7pm
Tuesday 11 am - 7 pm
Wednesday 11 am - 7 pm
Thursday 11 am - 7 pm
Friday 11 am - 9 pm
Saturday 11 am - 7 pm
Sunday 11 am - 7 pm

Hours may be subject to change for holidays and special events.


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